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      Investment Opportunity

      Seeking $250,000 - $1.5 Million


      Structured as debt with an equity kicker.

      Minimum Investment $20,000
      Each Lender will receive Warrants exercisable for Class B Common shares at 10 cents ($.10) per share.
      Proceeds to Fulfill Contracts to Deliver Branded Cookies
      - Accredited Investors Only -

       Cookie Club of America_Licensed Cookies

      Launch Mission

      Fulfill And Build Out These Initial Branded Opportunities Through The Multiple Vertical Markets Available Both On, And Offline.

      Market Opportunity

      Our market sector, cookies, is expected to increase to over $11 Billion by 2024, as a part of the nearly $2 Trillion in annual sales Food Industry -- one-fifth of the U.S. economy. We believe a large revenue opportunity exists for our unique, high-end, branded cookies that deliver good taste, compelling imagery and a fan-based emotional appeal.

      CCA is addressing this market through the proven technique of consumer product licensing – which, in part, support social causes to enhance our reputation/appeal. Our current licensors and their affinity customer base are:

      • The Open Championship (Golf)           600   Million Global Households
      • San Diego Zoo and Safari Park            5.5   Million Annual Visitors
      • NASCAR                                               57    Million U.S. Fans

      Click Image to Watch Narrated Pitch  

       Financial Projections - AICPA Compliant
      U.S. Launch expected Results:
        In USD $,000,000’s
      Year Ending December 31, 2020 2021 2022 2023 2024
      Revenues, net $0.000 $2.442 $17.561 $16.322 $17.019
      The Open Championship ---      0.684 7.293 3.345 3.430
      San Diego Zoo Global ---      0.918 6.232 6.296 6.360
      NASCAR  ---      0.840 4.035 6.682 7.230
      Gross margin  0.000 1.270 10.239 8.538 8.818
      Marketing and G&A 0.000 1.213 2.412 2.661 2.783
      Operating margin  $0.000 $0.057 $7.827 $5.877 $6.035
      Free Cash Flow $0.253 $0.053 $6.239 $4.885 $5.659
      before income taxes *
      Enterprise (DCF) Value** $11.900 $18.700 $25.800 $30.200 $35.300

      Our Offering

      The offering proceeds will fulfill our ripening contractual obligations to deliver cookies under our licenses. A staggered roll-out may require as little as $250,000 to mature the lines, while a concurrent entry into all markets is expected to require $1,000,000. The use of funds is for: dies to emboss licensed brand imagery onto our shortbread cookie; provide the marketing tools and reach to optimize demand; and, maintain supply and distribution channels, and fulfill reporting and other innate administrative requirements. If the existing lines rapidly reach or exceed their benchmarks, we may raise expansion capital, at a significantly higher per-share price, to raise further raise our market value.

      There are currently 4,060,934 Shares of Common Stock outstanding.


      A minimum of $.250 million principal amount and in aggregate up to $1.500 million. Each Note (with Equity) will close individually.

      Use of Proceeds:

      Proceeds will sustain the operation as outlined in the agreed to business plan and operating budget (the “Plan”).

      (Equity Kicker):

      Each Lender will receive Warrants (“Warrants”) exercisable for Class B Common shares at 10 cents ($.10) per share. Each two hundred fifty thousand dollars ($250,000) in Notes will receive warrants for two hundred fifty thousand (250,000) shares (equivalent to a 5% current interest in the company). One million five hundred thousand shares of Class B stock are set aside for these warrants. The Warrants are exercisable at any time, until they terminate ten years from the date of issuance.


      The Notes will accrue interest at 8% per annum compounded annually.


      Click the link to view the following Documents: CCA_DD_2020

      • Executive Summary
      • Detailed Financial Projections (Includes 1-Page Overview)
      • Pitch Deck
      Financial Forecasts Are AICPA Compliant

        AICPA Compliance