We are always happy to speak with potential investors. After all, we are a cookie company, and who doesn’t like cookies?!

Company Overview

Cookie Club of America, Inc. (CCA), was formed on May 23, 2018 as a Nevada Corporation. We intend to take advantage of the new federal corporate tax rates, Nevada’s preferable state tax structure and significant advances in ecommerce and affiliate programs.

The proposed business of Cookie Club of America will be to market and sell cookies embossed with iconic brands and related imagery as its core business.

A founding element and main delineation from other companies is that cookie lines may also support some socially beneficial cause.

Our Mission

CCA will produce and market logo-bearing cookie products. We are dedicated to providing delicious cookies with image-rich packaging to the American consumer that fulfills a desire to identify with a cause or brand.

Our Vision

CCA will become a leader in the specialty cookie business by delivering novel cookie products and generate over $27 million in revenue by Year 5. CCA will become a nationally recognized cookie company with a strong presence in all military bases, specialty outlets and mass-market channels. Our products will become a favorite gift and snack of the American people.

Investment Needs

The net proceeds received by the Company from the sale of the Units offered are estimated as $1,000,000. The Company believes the net proceeds of this Offering are sufficient to fund its plan of operation for at least the next twelve month period following the Offering. It may be necessary for the Company to raise additional funds to meet the expenditures required for operating its business. The Company projects positive cash flow in Year 2 and may require a second round of funding in an amount TBD, in-order to assure accomplishment of its national distribution goals.

Our Cookies:

Our Rotary Die cookies are a delicious buttery shortbread style cookie wrapped in rich inspiring packaging, accurately representing and reflecting our clients’ brand. While there are many types of cookies available, the Company will focus on embossing artistic and brand imagery, typically on a shortbread style cookie.

Market Acceptance:

U.S. packaged retail cookie sales reached $11 billion in 2018, according to leading market research firm Packaged Facts in the recent report U.S. Food Market Outlook 2019.
- Source:

Distribution Channels:

Primary distribution channels are: Online, Affiliate Marketing, Grocery Stores, Drug Stores, Convenience Stores, and gift shops. Reached via Online marketing and select trade shows, brokers and industry Reps.


CCA will operate in premier and exclusive licensed products and has no direct competition. Indirect competition comes from all other snack food providers and the level of available disposable income to its core base of lower middle income households. The niche is small, relative to major producers and their economies of scale, prevent them from pursuing this opportunity. Currently there are smaller players in this segment concentrated in the gifting or special events space.

Affiliate Program:

CCA intends to provide a robust affiliate program that will deliver any organization the ability to resell our cookies and raise money in support of their specific focus, at no cost to them for inventory, shipping or handling. CCA fulfillment intends to process the sale, then pack and ship cookies directly to the end buyer. CCA would pay the affiliate the retail spread similar to what a typical retailer would earn. The idea is to provide a simple three (3) step mechanism for them to raise money without spending money up front, unless they choose to do so.

Example of the Three (3) Step Process:

An affiliate sells cookies through an online outlet or partner site. The order passes a cookie (pun intended), which logs the sale as originating from the affiliate. CCA retains the wholesale cost, sales tax and shipping costs and deposits the retail spread into affiliate merchant account on a weekly / monthly basis.

We also intend to utilize a 1-800 call center and process mail-in paper order forms with pre-printed affiliate codes as many older Americans just do not own computers nor trust them.

  • Our affiliate model could provide the non-profit world a tasty mechanism that easily AND inexpensively maximizes their fund raising efforts, while conserving precious capital.

The Company has been approached to apply this model to other Nationally Recognized properties that may include: Professional Sports - Major Universities – and Corporate Clients. Proper management of these assets will optimize revenues and accelerate Growth.

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