Cookie Club of America has a history of working with some pretty selective clients. We do our best to satisfy the most discriminating clients and can do so for your brand.

We welcome the opportunity to discuss your custom baking and branding needs.

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Mission and Commitment

It is the mission of the executive team and everyone associated with Cookie Club of America to do whatever it takes to deliver a branded cookie product that exceeds customer standards and expectations.

Cookie Club of America remains absolutely committed to operating the business with an eye towards quality, service and fulfillment of our customers’ needs.

Client Size

Our baking, packaging and distribution capacity is exceptional and are geared towards larger clients. We welcome those who operate at the largest levels within the category.

We Begin By Listening

Typically, development of any new product begins your R&D or marketing department. They have an idea for a new product as part of their overall branding concept.

We ask questions that help clearly identify any serviceable requirements for your cookie: Is a crispy piece or is it soft? Is the flavor profile sweet, or is a savory cookie something you crave? Are there any ingredient preferences or boundaries? What timeline, budget and performance requirements are in play? The more we know, the better results will be achieved.

Ultimately, we cooperatively develop a detailed specification for your branded product. We also cultivate a very thorough understanding of how your branded cookie will be manufactured, distributed, stored, and enjoyed.


We offer a variety of packaging configurations to meet your needs. Our capabilities include individually wrapped, tray, bag-in-box, bag and bulk. We welcome the opportunity to address your specific needs packaging needs and have the resources to make it happen.

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