Cookie Club of America (CCA) presents its $1Mil Private Placement Investment Opportunity

CCA presents a back-to-basics approach that is easy to comprehend, communicate and tastefully executed. In these globally unstable times investors are challenged to find a solid deal that will assure them of significant returns in today’s torrid financial and geopolitical climate.

CCA obtained unprecedented written authorization from the United States Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, Coast Guard, Air and Army National Guard to emboss their highly guarded service emblems onto our cookies. 

Relevant and Patriotic; CCA’s Military Emblem Cookies, bring civilian and military retailers a high-level of consumer awareness, reflecting some of Americas most recognized and respected citizens.

Military cookie sales also support military families through the National Military Family Association honoring all those who serve.  The military market includes 60 million people (retired military, friends and family), extending far beyond the 1.8 million on active duty.  

Our unprecedented Military Emblem Cookie line was successfully introduced and tested in 22 states through twelve retailers and valued venues, and was honored by the International Food Service Executives Association. 

Tons of cookies have shipped to our troops and bring comfort to recovering service men and women at Walter Reed Army Medical Center Hospitals and VA Hospitals around the world.  Our cookies have entertained high level Washington Dignitaries and Military Brass including; The Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Secretary of Defense, and the President of the United States. 

In the 4.5 Billion dollar snack market CCA will have a gross profit of 20%. We are seeking individuals who understand the power of the aforementioned as an investment opportunity of one million dollars to satisfy current market demand, rollout our full military line, and acquire new licensed properties.

Contact us today for a prospectus and THANK YOU for your interest in Cookie Club of America.


Cliff Smith

President / Founder


Cookie Club of America, Inc.
10904 Evening Creek Drive E. #8, San Diego, CA 92128
Phone: 619-850-0864