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In honor of our Military Service Personnel, Cookie Club of America invites American Corporations, VFW or American Legion Posts, Philanthropic Organizations or Individuals in support of military personnel and their families to participate in a unique and unprecedented sponsorship opportunity. We encourage your participation and seek your help in spreading the word about this unique opportunity.


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News Clip from San Diego’s KUSI TV News - July 4th, 2008
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Cookie Club of America has provided Military Emblem Cookies to thousands of military personnel serving around the world, military hospitals, families and non-profit military support groups. Thanks to individuals like you we will be able to continue providing support to military families through the National Military Family Association (NMFA) through our military cookie line. 

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Separate Service Package Samples


6-ct cookie packs

United States Army Box Showing Private Sponsorship Position

Army_box_front.jpg Army_with_Gen_Demler.jpg
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- I was very, very touched to read about the 1100 boxes going to our Troops. You will warm many a soul, touch many hearts and bring hope to our boys! And girls! These folks are our beloved brothers and sisters, literally in your case! Thanks!
- I got my cookies, I got my cookies!!!!! They are fantastic! They are exactly the taste that I expected and I love them….if I'd had milk I would have eaten the whole box!
- The size truly surprised me … I didn't expect them to be quite so big and that was a pleasant surprise because you can really see the "stamp" and the images were crisp and clear.
- They look GREAT! I'm getting hungry just seeing the picture! The "Flag Cookie" is a great idea, too. Shall I bring the milk?
- Great Product for Military Families!!
- Wanted to tell you we love the cookies at NMFA. Thanks for the cookie venture and best of luck to you!
- My son is currently in Iraq as an Army medic so I thank you for supporting the troops and remembering to bless them and us all...

Supporting U.S. Troops Worldwide
A portion of profits benefits military families through a donation to the National Military Family Association (www.nmfa.org)


United States Navy Box Showing Sponsorship Area

US_Navy_box_front.jpg Navy_box_w-dimensions.jpg
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RP1 Johnnie Boyd, USN Retired
Currently Acting in Hollywood, CA

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Our History

Cookie Club of America is a United States Postal Service Official Licensed Product Manufacturer and Distributor.

CCA’s unprecedented United States Military Emblem Cookie Line includes the United States Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, Coast Guard, Air and Army National Guard.  The cookies have been successfully introduced and tested in 22 states through 12 large grocery retailers and valued venues, and were honored by the International Food Service Executives (IFSEA). 

Tons of cookies have shipped to our troops serving throughout the Middle East, and bring comfort to recovering service men and women at Walter Reed Army Medical Center Hospitals and Veterans Hospitals throughout the world. Cookies have been requested by the Military Order of the Purple Heart, used ceremoniously at Gold Star Mother Presentations and entertained high level Washington Dignitaries and Military Brass including; The Pentagon, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Secretary of Defense, and the President of the United States. 

Most importantly; CCA Military Emblem Cookie activities honor and help support military families of ALL prior and current Military Service Personnel; serving both abroad and/or domestically through more recent hurricane disaster relief through donations when possible to the National Military Family Association (NMFA).

Once Sponsors have been secured, single service military emblem cookies will be available and distributed through civilian and military outlets. CCA is seeking relationships with the right Company, Military Support Group or individual to satisfy current market demand and rollout our full military line throughout the country. 

United States Airforce Box Showing Sponsorship Position

Air Force Front.jpg Air Force Box Back.jpg
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cid:image063.jpg@01C60E09.FE085010-Cookies were asked for by the Military Order of the Purple Heart (MOPH).

President Cliff Smith said; “I was tremendously honored when they called and had quite the lump in my throat afterwards. Once Sponsorship has been secured, CCA agreed to include MOPH cookies in each box, honoring the request of the organization and those who have been awarded a Purple Heart.”


The cookies have been successfully introduced and tested in 22 states through 12 large grocery retailers
and valued venues, and were honored by the International Food Service Executives (IFSEA). 


United States Marine Box Showing Corporate Sponsorship Area

Marine_box_front.jpg Marines Box Back.jpg
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Move America Forward has supported our cookies from the beginning through their program to support the troops called Coffee and Cookies for the Troops.

In July 2008 CCA was honored to take part in the largest shipment of military support packages to our troops in U.S. History!


Cookie Donations

To date CCA has donated tons of cookies to troops in Iraq through a variety of outlets including;

cid:image044.jpg@01C60E09.FE085010 cid:image042.gif@01C60E09.FE085010

VA Sealcid:image043.gif@01C60E09.FE085010cid:image047.jpg@01C60E09.FE085010

CCA would like to thank each of the above outlets for all their hard work and for supporting our troops and our cookies within their own organizations and facilities. Our cookies have brought both smiles and tears to service men and women throughout the year. We expect to continue these fine relationships and encourage you to explore these organizations further, and get involved!

United States Air National Guard Box

cookie box
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United States Coast Guard Box


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United States Army National Guard Box


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Hi Profile Marketing Venues and Events

Food Marketing Institute– CCAexhibited at the Food Marketing Institute annual exhibit in Chicago to tremendous success. Retailers in attendance wanted to know when the cookies would be separated so they can participate.


– CCA exhibited and sold cookies direct to consumers utilizing the event as both a retail opportunity and market survey.  With 1,214,902 visitors taking part June 10-July 4, the 2005 San Diego County Fair was the second largest Fair in history for attendance.

  • After testing it is estimated that we could have sold three times the amount if separation had been possible throughout the event. 

cid:image058.jpg@01C60E09.FE085010– CCAexhibited at the 100th Anniversary Conference held in San Diego in 2005. CCA walked away with tremendous contacts and a valuable membership in IFSEA for future follow-up.

  • IFSEA was founded in 1901 and remains the oldest food service professional association in the industry today. The Association is comprised of hospitality industry professionals, executives, mid-level managers, culinary specialists and certified chefs, military foodservice personnel from all Branches of the Armed Forces, aspiring foodservice students, and affiliated business leaders at the local, national, and international level.

cid:image059.gif@01C60E09.FE085010 - The most effective venue for CCA was the ECRM Show in Scottsdale, AZ.  The focus of this Snack, Beverage & Grocery event was presentation and review of new products, marketing initiatives and promotional opportunities to the retailers which are currently experiencing explosive growth in these categories in the following Emerging Channels:   

  • Drug
  • Mass
  • Specialty
  • Dollar
  • Discount
  • C-Store
  • Club
  • Military
    • 80% of ECRM buyers liked our product enough to consider it for their stores. 
      • This event made it abundantly clear that our success very much hinges on properly packaging separate service branch cookies and providing them in specific formats in order for retailers to utilize our product.



With full Sponsorships in place CCA can roll out this highly desirable military cookie line. WE NEED YOUR SUPPORT! 

Finding Sponsors is paramount and crucial and we aim to do everything in our Power to make that happen.
Any referrals are always appreciated.


I thank you for your time and welcome your inquires.

Clifford J. Smith

Interested Sponsors please contact;

Cookie Club of America, Inc.
910 Del Dios Hwy. #148, Escondido, CA 92026
Internet: http://www.cookieclubofamerica.com
email: cliff@cookieclubofamerica.com
Ph: (619) 850 - 0864

Cookie Club of America, Inc.
910 Del Dios Hwy. #148, Escondido, CA 92026
Phone: 619-850-0864
| info@cookieclubofamerica.com